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Secrets of Olympus launched on BigFish Games

Working together from 2006, BigFish games continues to launch our titles.

Secrets of Olympus, the second title released after Runic, reached the Top10 most sold games from the primary site of BigFish Games with over 10,000 downloads monthly.

CodeTurbine working together with Pangea Software

Codeturbine signed an agreement of collaboration to distribute its Macintosh titles through Pangea Software channel distribution.
Beside it's own channel of distribution, Pangea can distribute games made for MAC on, and all important MAC distribution channels all over the world.
Codeturbine launched it's first title "Runic" for Macintosh on May 20, 2007.
We will continue to port our second title "Secrets of Olympus" and launch it very soon.

About Pangea Software

Pangea Software is a Macintosh game company that is owned and operated by Brian Greenstone. Formed in 1987, the company began by writing a number of shareware games for the Apple IIGS computer, with their first commercial game, Xenocide, being released in 1989. Their first published Macintosh game came in 1993.
It is the oldest company in the game industry for Macintosh.



LoveMeter and AstroLover Released
We just finished working on LoveMeter and AstroLover, two great applications that allow you to find out in a funny way your luck and compatibility in love.
Cool Flashlight Bestseller
Cool Flashlight was released on November 15, 2005 on Nokia Software Market and it quickly became a bestseller. The application turns your mobile phone into a flashlight by keeping all the phone`s lights on as long as necessary. You can find the application here.
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