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Use your phone as a flashlight to light your way in the darkness. 
Finding your keys at night will never be easier than this! Use your phone as a flashlight to light your way in the darkness.

You will never be scared again by a blackout! The application features another 4 cool modes:
mirror mode, strobo mode, disco mode, vibe mode.

Mirror mode
If you are scared that you have something left between your teeth you can hurry to the nearest mirror or you can just push one button and turn your phone into a handy mirror. The quality of the reflection depends on the screen size and reflective properties of your phone display.

Disco mode
You find yourself in the discotheque and you see your friend on the other side of the room. You can make him notice you by shaking your phone in the air. The phone will emit different colored lights, drawing attention to you.If you are experiencing a flat tire at night, signal the other drivers with colored or intermittent lights using only your phone.

Strobo mode
The party is not what you expected? You can pump up the party by bringing your own light show. In combination with the disco mode, the strobo mode can bring a party to its maximum. If your friends have the application too, there is no stop! The party will be just great!

Vibe mode
Do you want to test your phone's vibrating capabilities? Easy as pushing a button! With Cool Flashlight you can do that whenever and anywhere you feel like!

Key mapping
You can navigate through the menu using UP and DOWN joystick keys (or 2 and 8) and select an option using FIRE (key 5). When a mode is active, you can bring up the menu by pressing 5 or you can quickly switch to another mode by pressing the shortcut keys:* flashlight, 0 mirror mode, # toggle vibe, 7 - strobo mode, 9 - disco mode, 1 - quick help.

This application uses the mobile phone's screen within its limitations.

  • 8 different modes
  • Cool mirror mode

Designed by GriffinSoftware